Getting Started!

Corey Creed

In early 2017, Collected Foods was born.

We started as four guys who knew we could work together to bring families and people together over good food.  Each of us has our specialties.  Matt Z is a professional chef and is responsible for quality.  George is an incredible cook as well and makes the big decisions as CEO.  Ryan handles all our logistics. 

Me? I do the marketing and track the finances.

But now, a year and a half later, we've got a bunch of unique spice blends that have become fairly popular on Amazon.  We've also got a bunch of quality individual spices and salts.  We're in several stores in Florida but have also started showing up in other places such as California and North Carolina.

InstagramIn 2018, George started growing our presence on Instagram and it's been exciting to see how people are latching on to what he has to say and the good things we're making.

Now, as we approach 2019, there are may more good things coming, including blog posts from Tony, our writer.  He's taking the products we offer, the recipes, the Instagram posts, and the special deals and new products and mixing it all together to show our faithful customers and visitor exactly what we're up to and how to use what we make.

We'll soon have regular posts from Tony and perhaps others of us here at Collected Foods that we think you'll love.  Stay connected with us for big things in 2019!

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