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This is 100% pure shiitake mushroom powder only. No other dried mushrooms are mixed in.

Use it in sauces, gravy, soup, or anywhere to provide a rich flavor that the Japanese call Umami.

You can mix it with a little salt, or other spices to get a flavor profile that can be used nicely for a dry rub or marinade. But also use it on risotto, pasta, or any time you use mushrooms to really bring out the flavor.

Just as sea salt offers the flavor of the sea, our organic, powdered shiitake mushrooms give an earthy & woodsy flavor that will enhance your dishes.

At Collected Foods we believe spices do more than just add flavor. When used right you don’t just bring flavors together you bring people together. A meal done right collects friends and family in a way that nothing else does. Collected Foods LLC puts making that kind of meal quickly and easily in the palm of your hands.

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