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This cracked coriander is a perfumey substance that comes to you in the perfect form, cracked. Want the facts about cracked?  It's simple.

Most coriander that you could buy from your grocery store is in powder form. When you powderize most any kind of spice you are going to lose a lot of flavor in a short period of time. The oils are lost. Yet, whole coriander, because of its fibrous nature, is a little too tough and takes forever to break down in food. Therefore, cracked coriander is probably the perfect way to deliver coriander.

You'll love it for Asian cuisines. From Indian to Thai and everything between, it's a beautiful flavor to include. If you have a favorite Indian place when you want to mix things up? Well, now you know the secret to their awe-inspiring flavors. Throw some curry and some cracked coriander in a pan with some oil, let it bloom. Add your coconut milk and you have your base for a fantastic curry meal.

But we're just getting started. It's really great with seafood. Throw it in your pan with some butter and let it perfume up. Then, sear your shrimp in there. When boiling clams in a wine sauce for sauteing, use cracked coriander as a base. It adds a beautifully fragrant note.

Then, for something completely different, how about some dessert? It's true!  You can throw a little in some cream or milk and let it simmer. Then, your bread pudding or pannacotta will be something everyone remembers. 

Now, if you do want to use it for finer applications or directly on food, just break out your coffee grinder or spice grinder. That way you'll have powdered coriander. But start with this cracked coriander, because you'll retain all of the great oils in it prior to evaporating out.  It's fresher and more flavorful that way.

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