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Many culinary purists shun the store-bought stuff because of bitter, sawdusty, pungent flavors. We say: "No More!" 

We can make you a believer in garlic powder again. Let your carefully honed tastes sample our premium garlic powder, which miraculously tastes more like the real deal: minced garlic, fresh off your chopping board. The fine, powderized texture makes it ideal to melt into your food. 

Dissolve into your favorite salad dressing for a fresh taste without clumsy chunks of garlic. Dust your steak and chicken with it before grilling, and it will sear in without the worry of a burnt garlic taste.

The ideas are endless. Just use this anywhere you would use garlic and bring the fresh garlic taste home without having to run to the store.

This is one of our all-time favorite spices we carry!

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