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Some people run away from spice because if you use normal crushed red pepper, it might be so hot that it makes your eyes water. But Aleppo Pepper by Collected Foods is not so spicy that it will send you recoiling. Rather, it gives you a nice little bit of heat that will add smokiness and depth to your food.

It's ideal for stews, braising, and anything you want to spice up without overpowering. You can use it as soon as you get it by putting it out on pizza night along with Parmesan cheese and garlic salt. It will instantly transform your family's pizza night.

For delicious shrimp, throw some of this Aleppo pepper into your oil or butter before you saute it. Love shrimp pesto? This is a fantastic ingredient to add. It will not run over the delicateness of your shrimp, clams, or other seafood.

It works great on Mexican food such as chilies or mole. But don't stop there. Toss it on top of a chicken or a beef roast and stick it in the oven. In fact, toss some in your next spaghetti sauce and it will add an incredible delicious spiciness. You can even grind it into a powder, it will then work perfectly in place of cayenne pepper.


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