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This coffee rub seasoning will be a huge hit for all who try it, whether they love drinking coffee or not. Our own Chef Z has carefully chosen quality coffee beans, blending them perfectly to make an intensely flavorful product. It brings out the nutty, subtle coffee flavors while accentuating sweet, savory, and even roasted flavors.

For years Chef Z made his coffee rub just for friends. Once he decided to present it to his wedding guests as a wedding favor. The response was so overwhelmingly favorable that he realized he should not keep it a secret any longer.

This is a Collected Foods exclusive hand-crafted blend that can be used in many different ways. Want a super easy way to make a great meal? Rub it on a good steak, slow cook a brisket, smoke a chicken, a whole roasted pork loin. Oh, and don't forget the ribs! Some of our chefs have even roasted veggies with it! It's great with anything you can smoke or grill, deeply working the richness of coffee into an accent almost any food can bathe in.

It doesn't stop there. Let's keep coming up with new ways to use this innovative blend together. Be sure to send us your ideas! The Coffee Rub blend deserves the attention. It will turn almost any dish into something amazing that will make you a hero to all of your friends and family.

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