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Popular food magazines & national newspapers agree: “Harissa is the New Sriracha”. It is quickly gaining popularity in America. Not surprising! After all, Harissa is definitely spicy, but also full of complex flavors. Harissa has in it different kinds of peppers and exotic ingredients such as mint. This mint adds a beautiful freshness throughout. Our Harissa also has a nice lemony pop which gives our blend extra freshness.

At Collected Foods, we believe that flavor and texture are key elements of good food. That’s why our own Chef Z developed our own Red Harissa blend in a dry form rather than the more traditional paste. He wanted to give you options.

There is, indeed, a downside to using Harissa as a paste when you cook meat with it. What happens with high-heat cooking, such as on a grill, in a pan, or in your oven? Any liquid on the meat will steam the meat, and you'll lose out on the sear and browning crucial to presentation and texture.

On the other hand, imagine putting Harissa as powder on fish and creating a hot sear on the pan. What happens? You’ll get nicely charred fish with the addition of much more depth and flavor.

The trick is that if you really want to use Harissa in a paste form, that's no problem with this pack. Simply sauté a little garlic with olive oil and throw the Harissa powder in. It will quickly turn into a paste, exactly the way you want.

You really need to try our Red Harissa to fully comprehend its awesomeness!  So, here are some quick ideas that you can try the moment yours arrives: throw some on vegetables. Simply roll them in olive oil, dust them with Harissa, and roast them in the oven. Or, try it in your spaghetti sauce to give it a new dimension. It will add a little bit of heat, and a whole lot of flavor.

Does it work well with chicken? You bet! Don’t let healthy chicken breasts get boring. Sprinkle Harissa on them and grill them up. It not only adds a depth of flavor but because it is a powder, you won’t have to worry about burning.

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