Our Coffee Rub was the first custom blend released by Chef Matt Zadorozny at Collected Foods in September of 2017.  It's something he has taken years to perfect and it has been a huge hit, not only with our customers, but to his friends, family, and clients for many years beforehand.

What You Need to Know

The flavor will be a huge hit to anyone, even if they are not a big fan of coffee. It goes best with steaks, but can be used on almost anything.  Learn more here.

An Easy Way to Use Coffee Rub

Don't be intimidated.  Rub a little bit on a steak, chicken, lamb, ribs, or brisket and smoke or grill it.  But for something really easy, just sprinkle some on cauliflower and bake it.  Serve it with steak and your vegetables will be an instant hit!

Some Other Recipes

To get some other ideas on how to use our coffee rub, there are a variety of recipes you can try at https://collectedfoodsrecipes.com. Here are some examples:

Where to Get More

We know you will love our coffee rub seasoning, so here's some places you can get more: