Our Red Harissa was custom blend was created by Chef Matt Zadorozny at Collected Foods and released in October of 2017.  It's a wonderful blend that has a bit of heat and a beautiful smoky flavor.

What You Need to Know

Our own Chef Z developed this Red Harissa blend in a dry form rather than the more traditional paste. There are many reasons why...  learn more.

An Easy Way to Use Red Harissa Spice

Sprinkle Harissa spice on fish and create a hot seer on the pan. What happens? You’ll get closer to a blackened fish but with much more depth and flavor.

Some Other Recipes

To get some other ideas on how to use this Harissa, there are a variety of recipes you can try at https://collectedfoodsrecipes.com. Here are some examples:

Where to Get More

We know you will love our Harissa seasoning, so here's some places you can get more: