Our Tuscan Spice was created by Chef Matt Zadorozny at Collected Foods and released in November of 2017.  It's designed for steak but is so versatile you can use it on almost anything.

What You Need to Know

The flavor will transport you to Tuscany. Open it, smell it, and taste it straight from the package as soon as it arrives to appreciate how beautiful this blend is.  Learn more.

An Easy Way to Use Tuscan Spice

Blend it with butter and maybe a little salt. Serve this compound Italian butter with warm rolls on the dinner table for a huge hit.

Some Other Recipes

To get some other ideas on how to use this Tuscan spice blend, there are a variety of recipes you can try at https://collectedfoodsrecipes.com. Here are some examples:

Where to Get More

We know you will love our Tuscan seasoning, so here's some places you can get more: