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Gift Box - Grill and Roast

Gift Box - Grill and Roast

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Perfect Gift for the person who loves to grill or bbq or cook rustic food with some amazing flavor. Our finishing salt - applewood bacon salt is the perfect topping for a grilled steak or on grilled veg, our umami powder is amazing when used on roasted chicken in soups to build that stock up to something that gives a flavorful punch. Lastly our Tuscan Spice blend on fish, chicken, even as a dipping spice in your favorite olive oil. This gift set will leave the recipients mouth watering.
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3 reasons to spice things up with us

  • Small batch blend

    Our spices are created in small batches of maximum 50 Lbs. This ensures consistent quality and freshness in every bag.

  • Curated by chefs

    Our spices are carefully developed by profesional chefs and inspired by their travels around the world.

  • Natural and non-GMO

    Our ingredients are locally sourced where possible and are non-GMO. This way, you can enjoy without worry.

Cook like a chef.

Impress your loved ones with restaurant-level dishes. Your skills and Collected Foods spices are the perfect match.