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According to our CEO, George Kastroulis:

"When our 11-year-old aspiring chef awoke to find only plain bagels for breakfast, he had to act. Whipping up an everything bagel topping, he saved breakfast and created a family tradition.

After finding out that Chef Matt Z was also crazy about this spice, Leander began to put it on literally everything... from Chef Z’s favorite salmon to scrambled eggs, pasta, soups, pizza, salads and so much more.

Easy enough for your little home chefs but sophisticated enough for your foodie lifestyle."

Now, Collected Foods is proud to present this masterpiece of a spice from Leander Kastroulis.  We only have 50 of this unique blend.  If we can sell them all, we'll get more and even launch them on Amazon.

However, only this limited set of 50 will be numbered and signed by Leander himself.  We'll be announcing this via our Instagram account and via e-mail. So they just may go quickly.  We're not sure.  What we do know is that Leander and George will be mailing them out one by one, father and son.

But before you decide, you have to watch Leander describe them himself:

If you enjoy the video, stay tuned.  We'll soon be recording and posting recipes, too!  You'll see exactly how Leander uses this new unique blend he created.

We hope you'll help us motivate this young entrepreneur. (In fact, he's getting a $1 commission on each one that sells!)  If you get two, you can keep one as a collector's item and actually open and enjoy the other!