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Porcini mushrooms are hard to come by in the United States, in general. They are hard to cultivate and tend to be expensive. It is often dried and then ground into a powder. We use it in several of our rubs at Collected Foods. It adds a deep earthy and woodsy flavor.

Just as using sea salt gives the flavor of the sea. Porcini does something similar. But instead, it has an earthy and beautiful umami flavor which is bright and wintery.

It can be sprinkeled into soups, broths, or other dishes.

Ours is 100% porcini which although typically more expensive, but it is worth it. It is typically only packaged in bulk for chefs.

Dust it into any gravy, soup, or sauce. That is a great way to start. The Japanese also use it on a lot of things, such as scallops or fish because it so valuable. Umami is a Japanese word that is hard to translate. Some consider it similar to savory. This is exactly what this porcini powder does perfectly.

Our dried porcini powder can be used to strengthen a mushroom flavor. Add it to a gravy or anything that mushrooms are used in and it will give it that extra flavor that is hard to identify. That is exactly what Umami involves.

You can use it with steak, fish, and lamb. It works great with food such as that. But also try it with pasta sauces.

Another great way to use this is to get more out of your vegetables. Using porcini does not add salt or fat. It simply make items taste better.

At Collected Foods we believe spices do more than just add flavor. When used right you don’t just bring flavors together you bring people together. A meal done right collects friends and family in a way that nothing else does. Collected Foods LLC puts making that kind of meal quickly and easily in the palm of your hands.

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