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Our Collected Foods juniper berries are dried and whole and perfect not only for cocktails, and syrups , but can be used to add a great fresh woodsy flavor for other teas, drinks, and especially classic food recipes.

There are many different types of juniper berries as they are native to Europe and North America. Ours are aromatic and fresh.

But these are not just for just drinks. Juniper berries work fantastically in brines and marinades. You can even use them sparingly in vinaigrettes. In fact, add them to a pot of chili, to give a rustic flavor that compliments ground smoked chile peppers.

Lastly, our juniper berries are particularly good with venison, lamb, wild boar, roast duck, and even domestic pork. It is a traditional flavor for brines and marinades for pork or chicken. But it is great for grilling or smoking meats, too. Rub crushed juniper berries into the meat of your choosing before roasting it. You can pair these with sausage making salts too.

At Collected Foods we believe spices do more than just add flavor. When used right you don’t just bring flavors together you bring people together. A meal done right collects friends and family in a way that nothing else does. Collected Foods LLC puts making that kind of meal quickly and easily in the palm of your hands.

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