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Applewood Bacon Salt Spice Blend

Applewood Bacon Salt Spice Blend

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Love bacon? Well, this is not just your typical flavored salt. Our Bacon Salt is made with real rendered bacon.

The problem with most smoked salts is that salt does not take on smoke well. So at Collected Foods, Chef Matt decided to smoke the bacon and add it to the salt... a perfect union. Try it on popcorn, baked potato, chicken, or anything else to add the temptation of bacon's meaty fragrance. For drinks use it as a Bloody Mary rimmer or rimshot.

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3 reasons to spice things up with us

  • Small batch blend

    Our spices are created in small batches of maximum 50 Lbs. This ensures consistent quality and freshness in every bag.

  • Curated by chefs

    Our spices are carefully developed by profesional chefs and inspired by their travels around the world.

  • Natural and non-GMO

    Our ingredients are locally sourced where possible and are non-GMO. This way, you can enjoy without worry.

Cook like a chef.

Impress your loved ones with restaurant-level dishes. Your skills and Collected Foods spices are the perfect match.