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Add complexity and a depth of flavor to virtually any style of cooking from oriental to middle-eastern with our own incredible Umami Mushroom Powder.

Unlike others, our flavor profile is neutral and not specific to oriental or ramen. It can also be used for steak, chicken, and many other meals to add the Umami flavor. It replaces the need for bouillon cubes, powders, paste, or MSG.

Because our spice grind size is just right, you can easily sprinkle it on a T-Bone steak. Or you can use it when roasting a chicken with lemon and rosemary. Dust it on your favorite vegetable, or any vegan dish. This flavor profile will quite simply blow you away!

Mix it into ramen or other styles of noodles or soup, try it with sautéed okara, on your beef/turkey burgers, grilled or fried chicken sandwiches, or savory salads. For something super easy, just try it on popcorn, even!

At Collected Foods we believe spices do more than just add flavor. When used right you don’t just bring flavors together you bring people together. A meal done right collects friends and family in a way that nothing else does. Collected Foods LLC puts making that kind of meal quickly and easily in the palm of your hands.

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